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Kenström Design has provided professional architectural & interior design services to the residential sector since 1987. The intimate studio-based practice employs a small devoted staff with the two founding directors overseeing every detail of each job they undertake from inception to completion, ensuring that the dissemination of information is smooth and comprehensive.


The practice is renowned for new houses & renovations that respond to the contextual, functional and aesthetic requirements of the individual family home with elegance, comfort, and understanding. Each architectural solution is developed in close association with the client to achieve a fine balance between the historical and contemporary palette of materials. The approval, construction, and budgetary processes are managed with the efficiency and understanding gleaned from years of experience.

Meet the Architects

Angela 2.jpg

Angela Kent

BArch (hons 1) UNSW 1985


Georgina Strömland

BArch (hons) UNSW 1986

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